Ann MacDonald was born in Sydney in 1929. She was a prolific writer, author of the award-winning Softly My Grief and of short stories and articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, ITA and the Woman's Weekly. These stories were written when Ann was in her late 50s, looking back at her childhood during the second World War.

All the Safe Places: An Australian child's war

Cover of All the Safe Places, showing Ann as a young girl wearing a sunhat

Cover of All the Safe Places, showing Ann as a young girl wearing a sunhat

Ann shares touching stories about growing up, from a carefree nine-year-old at the beginning of World War II to a tougher, wiser fourteen-year-old.  Ann was sent to a country town as an evacuee, far from the safe places of her early childhood, and wondered whether her parents ever thought of her.

Ann and her mother

All the Safe Places is available both in print and as an ebook on Booktopia. The Book Depository ships to most countries free of charge. The ebook is also available on Apple Books. View on Goodreads for other online stores. Both print and Kindle versions will be available soon on Amazon.

 Also by Ann MacDonald

Softly My Grief: A brave account of surviving the loss of a beloved spouse, 1988  McPhee Gribble/Penguin, Fitzroy, Vic. Although this book is out of print it is available from some libraries. It was originally published as Widowed: Living through my husband’s death through cancer, 1981 Rigby, Adelaide. Winner of the Rigby-Australian Literary Award.