Ethics in editing seminar

Editors NSW, a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors, is about to hold its biennial seminar, and the topic is Ethics in Editing. I’ll be attending to learn more about dealing with ethical issues that may come up when quoting for a project or during the work itself.

I’m particularly interested in the discussion of ethical issues in life writing and children’s fiction.

Here’s an outline of the day’s presentations:

Third biennial Editors NSW Seminar: the ethics of editing
A variety of presenters through the day answer some of the questions of ethics which challenge editors both in their editing and their business practices.

  • Julie Ganner AE – Core values, blurry lines and the IPEd Code of Ethics

  • Sarah JH Fletcher – Fiction editing with an agenda

  • Dr Radhiah Chowdhury – Gut feelings and bias: editing children’s fiction sensitively

  • Dr Rhonda Daniels AE – The ethics of quoting

  • Melissa Faulkner – Editors and social media

  • Dr Juliet Richters AE – When is it cheating? Ethical dilemmas for the academic editor

  • Dr Rae Luckie – Ethical tightropes: editing life writing

The day concludes with a panel session answering questions from the audience.