Fencing wire, haggis and ink

In the last couple of weeks I've attended three workshops and learned a few practical skills.


The Fencing workshop taught me how to tie a knot in fencing wire with just my bare hands (I always thought that required tools or super strong hands - it's just technique!) Actually my knot isn’t as neat as this.

The Regenerative Agriculture workshop taught me about planning for drought - and one of the useful things I’ve learned while figuring out a plan is that a sheep's stomach is (obvious when you think about it) the size of a haggis, which is about the size of a football - so if I imagine holding a football, that's how much a sheep eats in a day (though I suspect the sheep on the left eats more than she’s supposed to).


The Writing About Art workshop taught me to think about what I love most about the materials I use for making art - pens and ink. And about my drawings - how the first rough sketches are often the best, and the ones I draw with my left (non dominant) hand are even better, and surprising, because they come from my left brain.