Affinity Publisher launched


A new option for desktop publishing

The Serif company has just launched Affinity Publisher, the desktop publishing program that provides an affordable product for publishing long documents, books, magazines, brochures and other text-heavy products. No subscriptions! The launch price is only $62.99 and includes a free font collection.

I just installed Infinity Publisher on my computer and will be working through the tutorials, learning how to create and manage long documents and books. This will enable me to work with graphic designers who have made the switch from InDesign’s expensive subscription model.

Installation on Windows


The installation was very quick and smooth - but make sure you check the Technical Specifications, if you buy from the Microsoft Store it is only compatible with Windows 10, whereas if you buy direct from Serif it is compatible with earlier versions. I’ll have to update to Windows 10 by the end of the year though as Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows 7.

If you are installing the program on Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 and enable Aero Themes: