Finding great images

Great images are available for your website, promotional material or your latest book, from image sharing sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, Adobe or Getty Images. Many are free and without limitations on their use. However, it can be frustrating searching through hundreds of images for the one you want, especially if you're looking for an image that reflects Australian culture.

That's where you might be surprised to find an amazing resource we have here in our backyard - Trove.

This morning I was painting some figures for our 1970s NSW model train layout, and discovered that the construction workers, which had wonderful detail, were wearing safety helmets.

Preiser HO figures

Preiser HO figures

I was pretty sure that Australian builders didn't wear safety helmets in those days and began searching for images. I found what I wanted on Trove - sure enough, these Australian construction workers in 1967 are wearing beanies and caps!

I think I can shave a bit off the helmets or add a pompom to turn them into caps and beanies. Thanks, Trove!


[Construction workers securing pre-cast concrete segments, Administration tower, State Government Offices, Macarthur Street, East Melbourne]

A note about copyright

This photograph is in the State Library Victoria collection, and is copyright. The library states that 'Use of digital copies of in-copyright material may require a request for permission unless your use falls within one of the exceptions, such as research or study.'