Accepting and rejecting your editor's changes the easy way

The Review tab in MS Word allows you and your editor to track changes, and view the document as it will appear if you accept all the changes. You can accept or reject the changes one at a time or all at once.

I have often worked with clients who ask me to make my changes ‘in red’ so they can see what I’ve changed. Changing the text colour to red and changing the font style to underlined or strikethrough, and then changing them back to normal style, is slow and tedious for both the editor and the client.

A much more efficient way is to use the Track Changes functions in Word. Here is a video showing how you can accept and reject your editor’s changes. This video is made using Word 2013 and another old article about Yass from the Trove collection (weather conditions in November 1855 were very similar to November 2018, with sun’s rays intense, the god of winds exerting himself unusually and blowing most pitifully).

Ask your editor to help you learn to use this and the other useful Review functions in Word, to speed up your workflow and communication with your editor.