Accessible PDFs - free tips and resources

Cover of Accessible PDFs tips and resources, by Maren Child AE

Authors, editors and designers can create documents that can be converted to accessible PDF documents, by using a few simple steps and avoiding common pitfalls. Whether you are converting the documents yourself or sending them to an expert for remediation, it’s worth taking some time and trouble in your source document. It will save time (and expense!) in the long run.


Making online documents accessible to people with disabilities is simply good practice, and may be a requirement of your organisation or the government.

Now on our Resources page, a free (and accessible!) PDF describes some of the techniques, resources and support available for creating accessible PDF documents.

The PDF describes:

  • When and how to use accessible PDFs

  • Writing and designing for conversion to accessible PDFs

  • Some tools you can use

  • Where to get help