Business writing

Helping you write clear and convincing business documents

Helping you write clear and convincing business documents

Maren can help you write your business procedure manuals, revise your website content, polish your response to tender requests, and generally ensure that you are presenting your business in a professional light. She has written and edited training materials, online help and website content, and has experience in information management systems and logistics.

Explaining your business

Do you need to train staff but you’re struggling to explain how the business works and how to do their work? We can help you write up your procedures and guidelines, and produce manuals, online training and documentation.

Are you working towards succession planning and need to pass on information about how things are done in your business? We can help you clarify and document your procedures and present them in a suitable format.

Winning government tenders

Do you want to win government contracts but are overwhelmed by the tendering requirements? We can make sure you are answering the questions the Tender Evaluation Panel is asking, and providing all the information they need to make a decision.

Plain English

Maren is an Accredited Editor (Institute of Professional Editors) and technical writer, and specialises in plain English writing. She will write or rewrite complex documents in plain English so that your information is communicated effectively, saving time for you and your readers and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

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