Editing and proofreading services

Maren Child is an Accredited Editor (Institute of Professional Editors Ltd., Australia). She edits and proofreads books and business documents for print and online publication. Publications that are formatted by Celeste Weber, our graphic designer, in Microsoft Word or InDesign, are edited and proofread by Maren.


Stages of editing

Substantive editing includes ensuring that the form, arrangement, focus and length of your publication are suitable for its purpose, taking into consideration the intended audience, your intention and the method of publication.

Copyediting includes checking and correcting errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, punctuation and heading styles. Maren will query any ambiguous or unclear wording, and help you clarify your meaning. Copyediting is most useful when you are preparing to publish your manuscript or submit it to an agent or publisher.

Proofreading occurs after copyediting and layout, ensuring that there are no spelling mistakes, images are correctly captioned, the table of contents is correct, fonts are used consistently and so on.

Example of work

StarBytes Press edited and published All the Safe Places: An Australian child’s war, by Ann MacDonald.

Assessment and quote

Maren will assess a sample of your work, discuss with you the level of editing required, and prepare a quote.

To contact us about our editing services, please use the contact form, including a brief description of your manuscript and what stage you have reached in its development.