Publishing support

We edit your business documents and books and prepare them for publishing online or in print.

Books and ebooks

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Do you have a book that you want to publish?

We will edit and proofread your book and make sure it’s ready to submit to a publisher or self-publish.

If you’re self-publishing, we will layout your book for printing, ready to be sent to a print-on-demand service.

We can help you publish your book on Amazon and create an ebook to sell on your website. We’ll create a cover that will not only look great in an ereader or on your paperback book, but will stand out among a host of tiny thumbnail images in a library or online bookstore.

Assessment and quote

To contact us about our editing services, please use the contact form, including a brief description of your manuscript and what stage you have reached in its development.

Examples of work


All the Safe Places

We edited and published All the Safe Places: An Australian child’s war, by Ann MacDonald, as a print-on-demand book and Kindle book, available on Amazon.


Don’t Become Chicken Chow Mein!

We helped author Greg Medway publish the ebook version of Don’t Become Chicken Chow Mein: Starting a business in China. Celeste converted the book to an ebook, created a cover for the ebook, and helped Greg publish it to Amazon