Visual Arts Society of Yass

Maren is a valued admininstrator of the website and Facebook page for the Visual Arts Society of Yass Inc. Her input has been pivotal in enabling the website to get up and running, keeping it up to date and maintaining the high standard of its posts and pages.

Colin Nelson (Chair, Visual Arts Society of Yass Inc)

Roads to Rehab Nepal

Maren was an absolutely ruthless editor when she was helping us with our not-for-profit organisation Roads to Rehab Nepal! She could get my 3 page newsletter down to one, did a great job of our website and is very much missed! We highly recommend her!

Virginia Dixon

Cafe Vieux

I have recently started a Cafe and Function Centre in Yass, and have been using Maren for all of my editing, as well as sending off publications and official documents for her to review grammar and formatting. Maren has been more than accommodating to my late night emails and random, sudden messages, and I highly recommend her to anyone who engages her services! We will continue to be in contact and hope to have a long working relationship!

Aiden Jitts